Without time there’s no matter. That’s why the creation started with the creation of time. Obviously, that’s not all so let´s see more about it.

Before we start, I want to ask you one thing. If you don’t know about that yet, don’t worry, that’s the topic of this post.

Lenus | Creation of time
Lenus | Creation of time


Creation of time

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

– Genesis 1.1 ESV

This verse is well-known and very old. Yet, there are some things very interesting within. So, let´s see that.

A word from God’s ownership

The root word for create is ‘bara’ in Hebrew and it means to create something out of nothing. That’s why I tell you this is a word that only God can use because only Him can create something really new. Imagine His power to do something outstanding like that.

Now, don’t think that God converts energy into the matter because that’s transforming and not creating. Besides, God created energy/forces after He created matter.Hebrews confirm this creation out of nothing:

Hebrews confirm this creation out of nothing:

By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

– Hebrews 11.3 ESV


‘Elojim’ means God. Some say that it has a Hebrew root that means Power meanwhile others say that it has an Arabic root that means Worship.

In any case, what matters the most is that ‘Elojim’ talks about one God in plural. It’s like mixing the concept of singularity and plurality together. We believe that this is a word that gives an insight into the trinity of God, others don’t think the same but that doesn’t matter because we don’t base the trinity just in this one verse.

Creation of time

‘Bereshit’ is the first word of the creation that talks about time. Time exists to measure matter and all the creation. Without creation, there’s no need for time.

The principle of creation

On physics, you can find a concept called the principle of creation that is also pretty clear on the first two verses of the scripture.

For now, let’s see the first part where we find ‘bereshit’ (beginning) as the creation of time, ‘hashamayim’ (heaven) as the creation of space, and ‘haarets’ (earth) as the creation of matter. Those Hebrew words have a prefix that expands the whole extension of the word meaning.


I could keep talking about this because I made a dense study about the first Bible verse but those other topics are more argumentative so I don’t want to bother you with theories.

What I have shared with you is easy to check because you only need to read the Hebrew roots and also the physic/mathematic concepts.

To finish. Yes, the answer is C.


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