Separated particles on creation give us a very important information to understand the initial state of matter and some other things I’ll explain.

Let’s start with the principle of creation that we started on v.1 to see how physics has the same principle. I’m gonna add each creation aside of the word translated in Hebrew:

In the beginning (time), God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter). The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit (force) of God was hovering (motion) over the face of the waters. – Genesis 1.1-2 ESV

Here’s the question that we’ll answer today:

Separated particles on creation trivia
Separated particles on creation trivia


Separated particles on creation

The first thing is to remember the verse we’re studying:

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. – Genesis 1.2 ESV

Now, here’s a list of the things we can learn from this one verse on its Hebrew source:

Continuity of time

The word translated as earth is ‘vehaarets’ which has a conjunction that implies a connection of objects in space. This means that the earth is the same in space as the one in v.1.

Although this doesn’t mean that it is the same earth in time. For that, it should be the conjunction ‘vateji’. So, we don’t know the time lapse between those two verses.

Be or become

The second word in Hebrew is ‘hayetah’ which has three meanings:

  1. The even begin to be.
  2. There’s a change of state. That is, ‘became’. The properties or relations change.
  3. It’s a state. The most common meaning used.

The first meaning cannot be since the matter was created on v.1 but the other two are possible. The 3rd meaning is the most used and that’s how it’s translated, so, let’s suppose it’s the 2nd meaning. This is, the earth became without form and void. In that case, it means that something happened between v.1 and v.2.

Some experts think that in that lapse some angels fell down including Satan. Although, there is no way to be sure. But that’s ok since we’re trying to understand it better without losing sight of our principles and cornerstone.

The reason why some people prefer the 2nd meaning is that they don’t accept that God could create something without form or void. But this is not necessarily true as you will see in the next point.

Structure of matter

The word that translates without form is ‘toju’ while the word translated void is ‘vaboju’. Using both words express matter in its essence, that is, as particles separated and scattered. So clutter and void.

One form to visualize this is by taking pieces of lego or puzzles and throwing them into a desk. After that, you will organize them to give them a form and purpose.

So, the initial state of matter is as scattered particles. This was the purpose of separated particles on creation.

Light and dark

For light to exist we need one of this things:

  1. Condensation of matter.
  2. Vibrations caused by chemical action.

Since they’re scattered particles there is no condensation of matter and not even vibrations caused by chemical action since particles are in suspension. We still don’t have forces or motion created.

Even if there were light at that time, it could not go through the particles density that is clutter.

So, dark is something to expect.

The deep

The word in Hebrew is ‘tehovm’ which translates as ‘deep’. In some translations, it is related to waters because in other verses it’s used poetically to talk about the deep waters.

With that in mind, this word could talk about deep into the particles which could be the center of all particles. This makes sense as we see this should be dark.

Spirit of God

These are two words but the one Hebrew word that is translated into Spirit is ‘veruakj’ that literally means ‘wind’. The reason why it’s not translated as wind is that at this creation point it’s impossible without an atmosphere which is created in the next verses.

At this moment, the forces that reign the universe make appearance with the Spirit of God at the same time as motion which makes sense when we study physics and the laws of motion.

Some translations talk about air, but again that is not possible so it’s added as something poetic and that’s not in the Hebrew source.

Existence of water

This part can be more complex. The Hebrew word for water is ‘hammayim’ from the root ‘mayim’ which means waste (disordered matter) and water (in singular).

This gives reference to particles as disordered and also as particles of water that can be interpreted as diverse fluids.

The complex part is to connect the Spirit of God navigating through space without going through these fluids. There might be a meaning to this sentence that we could understand by studying more about the scripture but for now, I don’t see it clearly.

What we do know is that there were fluids particles scattered in the space. These fluids could be a lot of things besides just plain water.


This has been one of those verses that are hard because even though it gives us a clear idea of initial structure of matter as separated particles on creation, it’s not clear with some purposes as what’s the Spirit of God doing.

Don’t take me wrong, this is good. If God used scientific terms to tell creation we would need centuries to understand just the concepts. In this way, at least, we can play with our imagination and try to recollect points a long the scripture.


By the way, the answer as you could see is a) Wind for the separated particles on creation trivia.

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