What’s the whole purpose of what I do?

Lenus | What’s the whole purpose of what I do?

I’ve been thinking about what’s the whole purpose of what I do because all of that produced me sadness whenever I don’t see the fruits of all my effort.

All this is also written in the book of Ecclesiastes by king Salomon who ruled Jerusalem after his father king David.

For a while, I was analyzing all the statistics of my work and that produced me a lot of sadness because I wasn’t sure that people were being blessed by my work or at least the voices against me were louder than the voices that support me.

Was in that situation that my sister and nephew died. This moved my world producing a lot of sadness and grief. Nobody could help me.


What’s the whole purpose of what I do?

For some reason, I opened the Bible on Ecclesiastes and before I started reading any chapter I’ve found something very important on the book description.

It explained that king Salomon concluded: to sum-up only God can make transcend all what we do. Our main responsibility is to do what He tells us to do because He is the one that will make it useful.

Hence, I not longer need to know how people are being blessed because I trust God that He’ll use me to bless them all. Maybe I’ll never be able to know these people but that’s ok. I’ve got the certainty on my Spirit that this word will not come back empty.

The reason behind this message that I’m sharing with you is so you can understand that with God we have a purpose beyond our existence. I’m sure you don’t understand how much you influence people, but the reality is that God is using you even though you don’t notice.

You can be sure that everything has a meaning.

So cheer up and be happy. Enjoy knowing that your purpose is being accomplished. Not depending on your perception but in your conviction.

Everything is in the hands of God and in his hands, everything works for good.

Be strong!

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