This is a list of exhaustive Bible study for each Genesis verse where we will check the context, Hebrew root, and much more revelations to enjoy.

Genesis Bible Study

You should know that Genesis is a history accountant written by Moses (according to Jew tradition) and that’s also why it has so many interesting stuff. Probably you will be surprised to find out what the Scripture is really talking about.

Genesis 1

Time by time I will be adding one new. The idea is to study the whole bible but for now, let’s see the last studies related to Genesis.

Genesis Bible

Light and Darkness

Light and darkness

Light and darkness is the main topic on the verse Genesis 1.4 where we will find more about black holes, ...
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Creation of Light Genesis 1.3

Creation of Light

Here's the creation of light as Genesis 1.3 explains but there's more about it because the Word known as Jesus ...
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Separated particles on creation

Separated particles on creation

Separated particles on creation give us a very important information to understand the initial state of matter and some other ...
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Lenus | Creation of time

Creation of time

Without time there’s no matter. That’s why the creation started with the creation of time. Obviously, that’s not all so ...
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Lenus | God’s first nutrition advice

God’s first nutrition advice

I want to show you God’s first nutrition advice so we could enjoy our food and also live a good ...
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