Light and darkness is the main topic on the verse Genesis 1.4 where we will find more about black holes, condensation of matter and so on.

For this occasion, it would be great if you check out the bible studies from Genesis 1.1 and Genesis 1.3 to understand some words that we will find on Genesis 1.4.

Besides, you should remember that light exists as the condensation of matter or vibrations caused by chemical reaction.

Once you remember all, try to answer this question:


Light and Darkness Trivia
Light and Darkness Trivia


Light and darkness

Let’s start reading Genesis 1.4 using the English Standard Version.

“And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness.” – Genesis 1.4 ESV

The light was good

The Hebrew word for good is “tovb” and it’s used several times in the creation as we’ll see on next studies. When God said that light was good He meant that light has fulfilled its purpose on the creation.

On all the verses of Genesis 1, we will see how every work of God served the purpose of our creation. It means that God created everything with the purpose of creating us. You should know that without light there will be no life.

Understand that light is more than visible light, it means radiation.

Division between light and darkness

This is the longest part of what I want to share because I have discovered something very interesting.

The first three days of creation are focused on bringing order and that’s why they are called “The three separations”.

Heaven is known as the everlasting light where there’s no dark. In hell there’s a dense darkness where there’s no light. In our world, the darkness and light are constantly changing.

You can consider the division of light and darkness as the definition of day and night. Actually, in the next verse, we’ll talk about it but I think there’s more to it than just that.

I’m gonna explain a little more about black holes to understand some relation I have found with this verse.

Black Holes

Black Holes have a strong gravitational field where no matter particle–not even light–can escape.

When God makes the division is possible that He was creating what is known as “the event horizon” which is what separates the black hole region from the rest of the universe. In other words, God created a limit to black holes to stop eating the whole universe while we exist.

Remember that in Genesis 1.2 the particles were dispersed so with the creation of light on Genesis 1.3 there were a condensation of matter and some radiation which eventually produced black holes as a result.

The Black Hole is that darkness that consumes light so by limiting the influence of black holes, God could continue with the rest of the creation. That’s what I think is the division that God makes between light and darkness.

Let me highlight that this is my interpretation and the Hebrew words do not talk about black holes. It’s just that it seems to make sense.


While we get to understand more about black holes, black matter, and general relativity, we could confirm the sync there’s with these verses.

For now the most important you should know is that the whole creation serves a purpose and it’s about our existence. In other words, God made the creation so we could exist.


By the way, the first separation appears here on Genesis 1.4 and it’s also the first day of creation. So, the answer to the trivia is c) Light and darkness.

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